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Original Art: N/A Private Collection
Image Size: 32 x 35 1/2 inches
Media: Graphite on Illustration Board
Framed art: 45 1/2 x 53 1/2 inches


The Late Albert Boime was born in St. Lewis Missouri in 1933. He holds a B.A. degree from UCLA, and an M.A. degree and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. He has been a UCLA faculty member since 1978, and until September 2008 taught Social History of Modern Art.

Professor Boime has participated in numerous seminars and conferences and given lectures in many museums and universities around the world. He is the author of over 140 books and articles, including the six-volume 'A Social History of Modern Art.'

In his own words:
"my primary goal as a scholar and intellectual )and to which I assign my highest priority) is to help people to develop a sense of their place and their power within their community, nation and ultimately the world. I want to empower people to make the kinds of choices necessary to steady forward improvement of community, nation, and world. This demands a demonstration of the role of culture in the environment and for which I early sensed that my particular skill and talents could play their part. I want to show how images work on our minds and sensibilities, and how to monitor and control them."


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