Make Me An Offer

Dont miss this unique opportunity to own a quality piece of art.

In these hard pressed economic times that we´re facing, when it seems finincal security is an uncertainty, it may be hard for you to imagine that you can still afford to own quality fine art.  But you can.  Please allow me to tell you how.

With our eyes so focused on the future, we can easly be blinded. It´s good to take a backward glance once in a whle, lest we forget. In this fast paced world of com-puters, the Internet, ATM and credit cards we may have forgotten that cash is not the only commodity that can be used for the exchange of goods. We can use the age old system of our forefathers. We can barter.  By definition: to trade by exchange of goods.
This is good news.  You can actually save money on equal-value or even-exchange transactions, because you are not required by law to pay certain State and Federal Taxes.

So make me an offer that I can´t refuse.

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