Commissioned Fine Art

I am always exploring different approaches to my images.  By using the versatility of subject, medium, style and technique, I endeavor a fresh uniqueness to the creation of each new work of art.

I am always interested in different types of challenging projects.  Some of my best art, and most rewarding artistic experiences, were given birth by the inspiration and imaginings of others.  Photographic realism is my specialty. Oils, Acrylic, Graphite and Mixed media are my mediums of choice.

Custom Portraits

It is my pleasure to create great portraits.

I welcome the opportunity to do a beautiful portrait of you and your loved ones, grandparents, children and pets included.

 Although the standard oil portraits are still very popular, I´m getting a lot of positive responce to my black & white graphite renderings. The absence of color seems to add a heighten sense of mystery, drama and intrigue.

Proceedure & Pricing

First there is a photographic session. Next, a review of photos as to what direction you would like to take.

Then finally the art session.  While most of the work will be done unattended,for optimum results, I recommend the subjects participate in some of the sessions.  For time pressed clients and for subjects who are unavailable fo sittings.  I can work completely from photographs.

The price for a quality portrait will depend greatly on the size, the medium, and the degree of detail. (clothing, jewerly, furnishing, background, etc.)

Price range: $5,000.00 to $15,000.00.

Note: There is  50% retainer required for commissions.
For farther information contact Cleophus or Alart  design.

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